The Taxi of Tomorrow
UniCab -Moving People With A Lighter Footprint
An idea whose time has come
Access For All, ShareAFare, EcoAware

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It’s an exciting time for ecologically aware innovations in accessible public transport!

Access 4 All
  • Universal Design principles ensure that the Taxi of Tomorrow is Accessible For All – wide sliding door access and winchable ramp plus room to manoeuvre inside.  
  • Room for people, assistive devices and luggage: every door slides for ease of access and extra safety
Extra Safety not just for for passengers and driver but also passing pedestrians and cyclists
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Following UniCab’s withdrawal from the submission process of the NYC search for a Taxi Of Tomorrow, we continue to lobby for  Access For All, ShareAFare, EcoAware  vehicles for the next generation of NYC Taxicabs, and are pursuing other markets for our UniCab EcoTaxi.
UniCab is in discussions with a number of other global cities who have produced a “meaningful & comprehensive plan” to ensure their taxi services are accessible for all citizens.